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June 8, 2023

Often when we start our business, the first few items on the agenda deal with building our brand. Tasks include building a website, choosing the business colors, and creating custom graphics, especially logos.

A quick tip we suggest is when you have your graphic assets created, especially your business logo request all versions of that logo. By versions, we mean web-ready extension types such as .jpeg and .png. We suggest the original file, Photoshop (.psd) or Illustrator (.ai). If you need to update the logo, doing it in the original file is far more accessible.

One of the most essential graphics files you should request is one with a transparent background. Transparent backgrounds are significant! A transparent background is one where when your logo or graphic is used on any color background, the illustration shows seamlessly on the page.

Have you ever tried to use a graphic on a page with a colored background such as red and you see the picture but is surrounded by white? I chose white because that is the background most people use.  Have you tried to add a logo to a flyer with a colored background and you view the same situation? A transparent background will allow you to use the primary graphic or logo on your marketing without dealing with the background.

A good indicator of a graphic on a transparent background is that the background looks like the graphic for this blog post 😊.

If you decide to create your own graphics or logo be sure to indicator in the application you want a transparent background. This is typically done at the beginning of the creation process when the software application asks what type of background you desire.

If you have the originally created file, you can open it in the native application and make the background transparent.

If you need assistance with custom website design, logos, or mobile apps, allow On Your Side Technologies to assist you. At On Your Side Technologies, we make technology our life so you don’t have to make it yours!

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