Family Password

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The On Your Side Technologies News Team

December 1, 2023

Does your family have a password?

The holidays are here and unfortunately so are the hackers. Hackers have many tools available to them to deceive even the smartest tech savvy person.

Hackers sometimes use tools to help them create deep fake videos and voice emulation. With just a small voice sample, a hacker can accurately simulate the voice of anyone – including your friends and family.

The Hackers contact you and ask for money or bank account information for a variety of reasons. Many of the reasons are extreme emergency situations such as an accident or being arrested.

Does your family have a verbal password? A verbal secret password is a great way to verify if a member of your family or friend needs assistance.

Thus is a low tech way of making sure you do not get scammed!

And don’t forget, it is a secret.

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