Ditch the User Manual! (Sort of)

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January 17, 2024

Too Many User Manuals?

Okay, we are a little late on these Christmas Tips ๐Ÿ™‚. We have been resting our brains so we can provide the best service to all of our past, present, and future clients.

Here is a tip for you for all of your new gadgets (or whatever came with a manual).

Most products have an online manual, even if there is a paper one in the box. Letโ€™s be honest, how often are you going to look at that manual? It is still comforting to have one, itโ€™s like an old stuffed teddy bear in the corner of the room. You just never know when you might need a hug!

If you can not locate the online user manual, you can scan in the one you have with your printer.

Take a moment and create a folder on your computer for all of those manuals. Download the manual and store it on your computer. Now you will always have it! And while you are at it, take a picture of the barcode, serial number, model number, and any other important information from the box to store in the folder. Now recycle that box!

On Your Side Technologies User Manual Tips for New items

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