How am I billed for your digital marketing services and is there a contract?

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The On Your Side Technologies News Team

April 11, 2023

Most of our services are six-month and twelve-month contracts that are offered at discounted rates for extended service periods. We do not offer month-to-month marketing agreements because of the intense preparation and research it takes to get a campaign up and running and positioned to be successful. We prefer longer deals because digital marketing results do not happen overnight, especially if you are tackling efforts like social media marketing and search engine optimization. The further a digital marketing campaign gets from commencement the more successful the campaign will be. Why? Because we get the opportunity to optimize the campaign based on real market data AND platforms optimize utilizing machine learning and AI capabilities to drive better marketing performance.

Digital marketing takes a consistent effort and one that is relentless. We strive to not only get ahead of your competitors, but also to create an impenetrable and insulated market position to make it difficult for them to catch up to you. With that being said, anyone that is guaranteeing overnight results using their services might as well be selling snake oil. The internet is the most competitive business space in the world and you need the best of the best in your corner in order to succeed.

For our website design services, we offer customized proposals and pricing that is determined based on the scope of the project, but general website design services range anywhere from $7,500 to $100,000 depending on the size and scope of the project.

Each of our customers are unique and have different requirements when it comes to a revolutionized digital marketing strategy. All customers will be presented with a custom proposal that is unique to their business industry and requirements.

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